When homeowners know that they are going to sell, most are wondering this exact question; “how fast can my home sell?”. This question has a few factors that go into it, which we will touch base on within this article. It is important to know selling your home is not an overnight payout. Here are 3 things to know when it comes to how fast your home will sell.

Condition of Your Property

Studies show that most homeowners prefer move-in ready properties. So if your home requires updating, you lower the pool of potential buyers. Outside of that, problems can arise during inspections that were unplanned. This can easily extend the selling process by weeks or months if they are deal breakers for a potential buyer. However, if you’re going with a cash offer, you don’t have to worry about the condition as those transactions are typically “as-is”.

Distressed Property

Listing Price

If you are planning not to update anything on your property and sell “as-is”, you need to know that your listing price should be lowered than originally planned. If you have done the updates, you will need to pay attention and understand the market in the area and have your listing price reflect that. Typically when looking to price well you will want the advice of a real estate agent. With a good listing price to match either scenario, you have a better chance of a fast sell.

Your Standards For Accepting An Offer

If selling your home fast is your ultimate goal, there are definitely cash buyers for this market who will offer cash for your property no matter what the condition of it is. From start to finish, most of these deals happen within a 15-25 day window. It is important to do your research on reputable companies in your area that offer this type of service.

Selling your home can be stressful so it is important to know which direction you want to take when it comes to the selling process. Do your research first on what route you want to go. If you want to sell your home quickly for cash, contact one of our agents to get more information.