Seeing water stains across your ceiling and bubbles in your roof can be one of the more unsettling sights to see as a homeowner, especially if you’re looking to sell. This can be the sign of a serious problem that can lead to dumping tens of thousands of dollars in roof repair or even having to completely replace the roof altogether. This makes selling your property as-is to a cash investor very enticing, as you don’t have to worry about repairs. We will cover what to look for to see if you have a leaky roof as well as the steps you’ll encounter if you do get your roof repaired.

Roof with damage

After identifying the ceiling stains you’ll want to start by getting a ladder and head up to the roof. Once you’re there you’ll want to check around where the stains are and look for any sort of penetration under the shingles. The holes can be several feet away from the water stains so you want to be sure that you thoroughly check under/on all the shingles within a couple feet. If it is hard to get on the roof you can always get in the attic space and check that way as well. But this won’t show the extent of the shingle damage. There are simple fixes you can do at home but this isn’t the typical case.

When the issues have been identified and you come to the conclusion you have to get a full roof repair here is how the process typically goes:

Three step process

The Three Steps:

1. The first step: Typically most roof companies charge half up front, mainly to cover materials. Following the first payment the roofing materials will be delivered to your driveway. You always want to make sure that the materials never lay on the lawn as this is a quick way to kill the grass.

2. The second step: The roofers will begin to tear sections of the roof off. After sections are finished the roofers will begin cleaning out the gutters as there can be a lot of debris left behind during the process. Underlayment is laid and drip edges are installed before the shingles are laid. Simultaneously, a group of roofers will start installing vents, for the roof ventilation, and the new shingles. This saves time and is the more efficient way to repair a roof.

3. The final step: After the final shingle has been laid and the contractors have cleaned up everything, which can be very time strenuous. It is time to closely inspect the work of the roofers. You will want to have them walk you through and make sure they double check every nook and crack to make sure everything is perfect. This is very important as this entire process likely cost you $8,000 or more, depending on the size of the roof.

Before selecting a roofing company it is best practice to find the issues yourself then get as many quotes as possible to make sure you choose the right organization. Understandably, sometimes it can be too much and you’re looking to sell without doing the repairs. Dwela buys properties no matter the condition. You won’t have to worry about the high repair bill and can move forward with a full cash offer.