As a homeowner, foundation issues can be world-shattering when you find out exactly how much it costs to fix what seems to be the smallest of issues. Most people see a crack and think nothing of it. However, if left unattended that crack will grow larger and larger and the walls will begin to shift inwards or outwards. Foundation damage can cost a fortune. Many people get charged more than $10,000, which is a staggering amount for just one part of the house being fixed. The majority of homeowners don’t keep this in consideration because they never think they’re going to sell.

Then life happens.

Upset man

Now you’re needing to sell and as most individuals do, you decide to contact a real estate agent. Naturally, they will assess the property and then they see the distressed foundation. You’re then hit with the news that you’ll likely need to have the foundation fixed or sell at a considerable discount. With all the fees associated with selling to a realtor on-top of paying for the repairs, you’re backed into a corner.

This is where selling to investors for cash in as-is condition can be incredibly helpful. This is a relief for the majority of sellers as the traditional process of selling to a realtor can sometimes be too much. With all the fees and contingencies, it can be a huge weight off your shoulder to know that you can walk away from the headache with a smile and cash. However, there seems to be a negative stigma around this process.

The Numbers

A lot of people feel like selling a property for cash is a scam and that no one really does it. However, according to Statista since 1988 over 1,255,000 houses have been sold for cash. So in reality a lot of people have sold their homes for cash. When selling in as-is condition, you don’t have to worry about the headache of fixing the foundation issues. In fact, you don’t have to worry about any other defects to the property either.

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The Final Verdict

It is very important to understand the defects with your property as well as who is buying it. You always want to be careful no matter which route you take.

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