You’ve been wanting to sell your house, but you need someone trustworthy to buy your home despite the condition.

Your home needs work, serious repairs, but you can’t afford to make these repairs.

Not all properties are meant to be sold the traditional route through realtors. You can still sell without needing to invest time and money. We buy houses as-is. Continue reading to learn how we can help you.

We buy homes in any condition!

1. The Many Reasons Why Sellers Sell Their Homes As-Is

There are hundreds of thousands of foreclosures that take place annually. The vast majority of these happen due to negative equity, rising interest rates, unemployment, and divorce. With job loss and divorce being two of the biggest reasons people sell their properties “as-is”.

There can also be a tragic death in the family that results in an individual inheriting a property with a lot of headaches. The headaches can go away with a cash offer for the home in as-is condition.

Perhaps you’re having to relocate for a job and you don’t have time to make repairs on the property.

Another common reason is a landlord who is trying to retire or get out of debt. Most cash buyers purchase properties with tenants inside and no repairs needed.

white victorian house

2. The Conditions We Buy Houses In

Outdated Homes

As time marches forward, and technological advancements are made the price of an older property decreases. Unfortunately the 1970s tile countertops, the 1980s linoleum flooring, and the 1990s wood paneling don’t hold their value well. When you go to sell your property the average homebuyer is looking for a fresh start with an updated home.

Homes with Foundation Issues

Most people become unsettled when they hear a property has foundation reasons. That concern is warranted as the average amount a homeowner will pay for foundation repair is $4,666 according to Home Advisor. That’s a pretty penny to shell out on one issue before selling.

Homes with Wear and Tear

Naturally overtime properties experience wear and tear. Some homes receive a little more wear and tear than others. This damage can stray away potential buyers as mentioned previously. The holes in the wall, the clogged septic system, the lights that never turn on – all of this puts you in a tough position that often you can’t afford. With Dwela you don’t have to worry about these issues. We buy homes in any condition.

Mold & Other Health Hazards

Whether your house is built in the 1970s or the 2000s there are many health hazards that can occur. The main enemy of your home is mold. Mold can be incredibly difficult to detect and can cause many health issues. A few other issues are asbestos, carbon monoxide, and lead-based paint. Fixing these issues can be very costly and strenuous. Skip all the frustration and stick with Dwela, when we say we buy homes in any condition we mean it.

Moldy ceiling

Environmentally Destroyed Houses

From tornadoes, to hail, to fire, the uncontrollable natural elements can cause unforecasted damage to your home. Surprisingly, fire damage is caused from inside the property by things such as cooking equipment, and heating equipment. But regardless of how the fire is started the extent of the damage can be otherworldly.

burned down house

3. How We Buy Homes In Any Condition

No matter the situation you’re facing the price of the property we can close. Unlike most buyers, we don’t have contingent financing. You’ll never have to worry about waiting for your money when you close with us. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of scams out there that try to take advantage of sellers in tough situations.

At Dwela we teach our team to treat each seller as if they were family. We want to create lifelong relationships with our sellers and not treat them like customers. Each member of our team has extensive experience in their role’s, and above all else, they care.

4. How Our Process Works

Schedule a Walkthrough

Our process is very easy. Submit your information and one of our experienced team members will contact you within 5 minutes and schedule a time to view your home.

Give Cash Offer On The Spot

After a brief walkthrough of your property one of our team members will give you a full cash offer on the spot. This cash offer doesn’t change over time and has no contingencies.


Once you accept our guaranteed cash offer – we will close on your property as quickly as 14-days. Let us handle the hardship, and move on from the problems – sell to Dwela today!